St William's Catholic Primary School

Christ at Our Heart

Young Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD8 9RG

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Welcome to Reception



We are made up of a 30 place Reception class. We enjoy working together in the mornings and we do this through guided and focussed activities which we are able to move to ourselves.

Our teachers are called Miss O Breen who is our reception teacher but you might also find Mrs L Thompson in here teaching us as well. We also have a teaching assistant called Mrs Lyle.  


In reception we use lots of different strategies to help us learn. the biggest thing that we do help us to learn is explore! We enjoy exploring different subjects and different topics through a variety of activities, some of which we chose to do and some of which are led by our teachers.

We learn our phonics, reading and writing through using the Read, Write Inc scheme just like the rest of the class and we do this every day for at least 20 mins. We then get to use those skills that we have learnt in lots of other areas.

We have 7 key areas in which we learn: -

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


All of these areas are interlinked so we are never just learning about one of the areas at any one time, we are learning about lots of them. This means that we can use our skills from one of the areas to help us to learn about another area.


We get the opportunity to work both indoors and outdoors.

Getting to know Jesus

This half term, the children in Reception will be getting to know Jesus. Throughout the topic, the children will be given opportunities to become aware that Jesus has a great love for each one of us and will think of ways in which we can show our love for Jesus. They will hear that Jesus cured people who were sick and think of ways we can show our love for sick people.

At home you could help your children by:

• saying or sharing prayers together
• talk about people who help us e.g. nurses, doctors
• talk about how we can help others
• giving them jobs which help at home