St William's Catholic Primary School

Christ at Our Heart

Young Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD8 9RG

01274 545743

Learning Mentor

Mrs Battersby is the learning mentor at St William's and can be contacted via the office. The role of a learning mentor is varied and compliments the pastoral care given by all staff members.

What is a Learning Mentor?

The DFE definition of a Learning Mentor is: ‘To provide support and guidance to children, and those engaged with them, by removing barriers to learning in order to promote effective participation, enhance individual learning, raise aspirations and achieve their potential.’ A barrier to learning is any factor that prevents a child being in a suitable emotional physical or psychological state to engage in their lessons and learn. Barriers impact on behaviour, extreme behaviour can be managed by recognising, working with and lowering the barrier. Intervention may be significant, medium, infrequent or incidental.

Barriers to learning may include






Friendship difficulties

Specific learning difficulties

Abuse/child protection

Trauma Mobility /Transition/moving schools

Looked after children

Family difficulties/separation/divorce/financial/housing/

Adult Literacy

Siblings/new baby

Social Skills/showing emotions

Self esteem/self confidence

Gifted and Talented


Controlling anger

Mental health

Vulnerable – need someone to talk to

How will these children be supported?

Sessions 1-1 group work/circle time

drop-in opportunities

playground/lunchtime cover

extra curricular activities (extended schools) mediation


playground buddies

Who will identify these children?

Concern from any member of staff

Head Teacher/Inclusion Manager Parents/Guardians

Attendance register

Children themselves

Progress Data

Outside agencies

What is the mentoring procedure?

Initial concern

Discussion/relevant info

Observation /home visit/ Pupil/staff/parent/agency questionnaire Agencies consulted if necessary


SMART targets/desired outcome

Sessions planned

Record keeping

Exit mentoring/ discussion evaluation follow up