St William's Catholic Primary School

Christ at Our Heart

Young Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD8 9RG

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Year 4


Jesus the Teacher

The children will learn that Jesus was born into a Jewish family and find out about the story of
the presentation in the Temple. They will learn that Jesus attended synagogue as a child and as an adult read the Torah. They will learn that Jesus travelled about teaching people.

The children will learn that Jesus came to show us the way to live, understand why Jesus used parables to teach people and know and understand some of the parables Jesus told. The children will have a chance to appreciate the relevance of the parables for us today and recognise that Lent gives us an opportunity to live as Jesus wants us to.

At home you could help your children by:
• read some well known parables, e.g. ‘The Sower’ and talk about what they mean for us
• go online to and complete the interactive activities.