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St William's Catholic Primary School
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Ten Pieces at Home - listen, enjoy and get creative 

This week: Create a news bulletin with the help of CBBC's Newsround...

Write and present a news bulletin about the life and work of composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges using tips from CBBC Newsround presenter Hayley Hassall.


Diocese of Leeds - daily singing sessions: 

Our daily singing sessions are on our YouTube channel every day at 2pm - these are very similar to our normal sessions, with sacred songs, music curriculum and lots of fun.  For instance:
Holy Virgin, by God's decree - May devotion and pilgrimage
Jubilate Deo - Psalm 100, singing in harmony!
Rollerghoster - dramatic and exciting song
Bubblegum / Itsy bitsy dipsy hippo... - physical pulse and coordination
Music curriculum - syncopation, performance skills (warming-up)
Our work was featured on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday - well worth a listen if you have 4 minutes!

Discover the marvellous world of classical music with David Walliams!