St William's Catholic Primary School

The recent creation of a school chapel at the centre of the school, gives witness to the school's mission 'Christ at Our Heart' in action'

Section 48 Inspection Report June 2018

School Chapel

                         We are fortunate to have our own chapel in school.  This was a little used area which now provides our school community with a place to

                                                   celebrate our collective worship, liturgy and just a quiet sanctuary to sit and take a moment with God.


                                                 Our chapel is sited at the very centre of our school, midway between our Reception and Year 1 classes.                                                                                          The chapel overlooks what will shortly become our prayer garden and has easy access for classes, children and individuals.

                               We have deliberately chosen to keep the chapel as plain and blank as possible, focusing instead on the words and actions of the liturgy                                                            - siting just one short quote from Matthew's Gospel (18:20) above the door that can only be seen once you've entered the chapel! 

                 Seating consists of 12 simple wooden benches that easily accommodate a class or large group and are easily moved to form a variety of seating plans.

          From more formal 'pew/aisle' arrangements to flexible 'circle' time forms for child-led collective worship, our chapel is now used by most year groups each week.

                                      At the front of our chapel is a striking window that shows a contemporary crucifix set against an abstract background,                                                                                    the shadows that the window casts in the chapel on a sunny day form a stunning backdrop for worship and liturgy.

                                                 To compliment liturgy and collective worship in our new chapel, a simple audio system has been installed,                                                                                                                    this can play a variety of liturgical and contemplative music throughout the day.

Our chapel playlist now includes: Steffany Gretzinger, Fischy Music, Wayne Gratz, Taize, The Benedictine Nuns of Avignon with more music uploaded to compliment collective worship each week.