St William's Catholic Primary School

Christ at Our Heart

St William's Catholic Primary School
Young Street
West Yorkshire

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'St. William's is a school where Christ is truly at its heart, where every child matters and is cherished for who they each uniquely are, every bit as much as for what they may achieve' - Section 48 Inspection Report June 2018

Glimpses of God

Christ is the foundation and model for the whole of the Church’s life, and not least the mission and ministry of education. His way, truth and life are ours and he is the source of everything St William's is about. Christ is at the heart of the Church on which our school is built and he is at the centre of all we try to achieve. 

St William's is therefore a place where everyone is valued as a child of God, where every individual is enabled to mature towards their full growth in Christ and achieve their rightful potential. It is the Spirit of Christ who brings life to us a Catholic school: giving strength and hope; promoting harmony and enabling reconciliation; ensuring that, with enthusiasm and celebration, the things of God always take first place.

Our school, through our clear and visual Catholic identity, will be, for many people the place where Christ and his Church are encountered. As such, St William's is an evangelising community. At its most basic, we seek to proclaim that Jesus Christ reveals God’s love and invites us to a personal relationship with him.