St William's Catholic Primary School

Events in School

KS2 Workshops for Years 5 & 6 Drugs Education

Mr John Day, came to visit our LIME and HOLLY classes to help them understand the effects of a range of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs.  

‘I think it was really interesting, I didn't know a lot about drugs, and now I know the dangers’. (Samuel)

‘It was very interesting, I got to learn how to handle difficult situations involving drugs’. (Lillie).  This learning is part of the ‘Life to the Full’, PSHCE Curriculum and incorporates how to manage peer pressure. John was really impressed with the mature attitude that the children demonstrated in both classes, well done LIME and HOLLY!  Next half term you will have the opportunity to attend specific workshops for parents and carers 12th March Harmful Effects of Smoking & 19th March General Drugs Awareness for Parents/Carers.

Music at St. William’s

The pupils at St. William’s are enjoying lots of musical opportunities! BEECH class continue will their flute lessons and Mrs Sandhu and Miss Overend are delighted with the children’s enthusiasm and progress.  Also children in LIME and HOLLY classes have had ukulele lessons with Mrs Ross-Shaw and already they can play some chords and use them in a simple tune. 
St. William’s School Choir continues to meet every Wednesday at 12pm and Miss Anderson is keen to recruit as many new members as possible – all pupils welcome!


Shakespeare Day

LIME class - Wednesday, 12th Feb at 2.45pm.

Parents/Carers were invited to attend Year 5’s open day to celebrate their learning about the work of the famous, English playwright, William Shakespeare. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Shakespeare Day, they were very creative with their poster and mask making. They planned a drama and acted out their learning.


Year 6 Spanish Showcase

HOLLY class - Monday 3rd Feb at 2.45pm.

A huge thank you to all the parents/carers who attended the Spanish Showcase in Holly Class.  A MASSIVE WELL DONE! to Mr Clayton and all our Year 6 pupils for preparing such a wonderful, engaging and interactive workshop.

‘I learnt to say a full sentence in Spanish, it was interesting and enjoyable and wished the session was longer’ (Ms Holdsworth). ‘

Very nice to see how the children work in class, it was really enjoyable and good fun’. (Mrs Lipowicz)