St William's Catholic Primary School

Our Curriculum Offer


Curriculum Intent

The St. William’s Curriculum has to be looked at, in its entirety and as a holistic means for the pupils of our school community, to develop as a whole person and reflects the specific context of our school.  It is designed to meet the  requirements of the National Curriculum and adapts to embrace the needs of the ever-changing world in which we live and nurture British Values.                                                       

Curriculum Implementation

The following are key priorities to St. William’s Curriculum and will help us to achieve this through:

  • Building relationships - these central to learning (self-knowledge, knowledge of God, relating to
    others around them and beyond) & are rooted in St. William’s virtues support & develop resilient, independent, kind & just individuals.
  • High priority to key skills in language development through the Dialogic Teaching Approaches                                                                                 – phonics, reading, speaking & listening and number that promote a love of reading and a thirst for knowledge, new experiences across all subjects.
  • Provision of learning from 1st hand experiences & enquiry/discovery, using a variety of resources to express and articulate understanding/ideas and learning through play from the start to the end of their St. William’s journey.
  • Emphasis on the social, emotional, mental wellness of all pupils that can make appropriate choices and understand the consequences of their actions.
  • Through rigorous tracking of pupils’ attainment, teaching staff will be able to identify timely intervention, to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential and make value added progress from their starting points and including mid-year or mid-school entry into St. William’s.


Curriculum Impact

Pupils will be able to access secondary school curriculum successfully and will have the essential skills and personal characteristics to support active participation; that enable them to express and articulate their faith, ideas and emotions in a variety of ways (verbal, written, artistically). They will be independent, self-aware and have the ability to form strong relationships that will enable them to become life long-learners and well-rounded citizens, who can make a positive contribution to our diverse and global society. They will have a secure knowledge of the Catholic faith and also two other world faiths, Islam and Judaism to ensure that they develop understanding, tolerance and compassion that will enable them to effectively engage in our diverse society.


Please select the subject below to see the Curriculum Statements for that area and the progression for the subject area: