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OAK Class

Home Learning update - 18.05.20

Hi Oak class! It was lovely to speak to some of you since the last home learning update and to hear about all the activities you have been doing. It’s also lovely to see the photos that you have been sending in of your work.


Here are some ideas for English:

Instructions- Complete an activity (it could be baking a cake or doing a craft activity) then write the instructions explaining how to make it and each step you have to take. Please number each instruction.

Story- Can you retell your favourite story to someone in your household? Can you remember any of the stories we learnt with the actions? Can you create your own storybook with the story written inside?



Take part in the lessons from the White Rose Hub if you are able to access them.

If not. Please practise working out addition and subtraction number sentences. Year 1 please use numbers to 20 (e.g. 12+4= ___. 17-8=___.) Year 2 try adding and subtracting two digit numbers (e.g. 35+11= __. ,75-13=___.) Use objects to help you or a hundred square if you have one.



Collect some natural materials during your daily exercise and use them to create a collage. These could be leaves, sticks, pine cones etc. I’d love to see your finished picture if you could take a photo and send it to us.


Please have a look at the ‘Power in Me’ project by Young Voices. They are trying to create the biggest choir in the world. Could you join in with your family.



Materials How many different materials can you find in your house? Can you group the objects according to their material? Which is the most common material in your house?



Thinking about our school virtues of love, respect, kindness and learning. Can you write about something you have done recently that displays one of our virtues? You could draw a picture to show what you did.



As May is the month of Mary. Here is a website with some suggestions of activities you can do related to Mary.


Please take photos of your work and send them to us. We love to see how you are getting on with your learning.

Keep safe and I hope to see you all soon.

Miss Anderson





Welcome to OAK Class

STAFF: Teacher - Miss Anderson

           Teaching Assistants - Mrs East and Mrs Rayner


                                                                                                OAK 2019/20 Maths Overview

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                                                                                              OAK Autumn 2 Medium Term Plan

                                                                    OAK Autumn 2 Literacy Overview

                                                                                    OAK Autumn 1 Medium Term Plan

                                                                                    OAK Autumn 1 Literacy Overview


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Hello Oak class, I hope you're all keeping well. Here are some extra activities you could be doing, should you have finished your packs:

English - draw your favourite Mr Men character and write your own story about them. 

Maths - practise counting in; 2's, 5's and 10's, if you're in year 2 you could count in 3's also. Don't forget to use the link to access daily lessons at 10am. 

Science - research the difference between mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and amphibians. 

Music - Young Voices songs at 11am on the Facebook page 

PE - Complete Joe Wickes daily workout -

History - make a fact-file about Florence Nightingale, use the internet to research this.

Remember to keep reading!


Stay safe Oak class, I will see you very soon. Take care - Miss Anderson.