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PINE Class

Welcome to PINE Class

 STAFF: Teacher - Miss O'Brien

              Teaching Assistant - Mrs Bulmer


                                                                                                                              PINE 2019/20 Maths Overview

PINE Autumn 2 Medium Term Plan

PINE Autumn 2 Literacy Overview

                                                                               PINE Autumn 1 Medium Term Plan

                                                                              PINE Autumn 1 Literacy Overview


                                                                    Please select this link to see our latest newsletter - PINE Spring 2 2020 Newsletter

                                                                                                                                      PINE Spring 1 2020 Newsletter

                                                                                                                                      PINE Autumn 2 2019 Newsletter

                                           PINE Autumn 1 2019 Newsletter



Hello Pine class, I hope you are well. Please take a look at some extra activities that you could be doing should you have finished your packs! 

Our project homework links with our science topic this half-term. Children could do some of the following suggested activities or their own ideas, thank you:

· Research animals they are interested in - produce a fact file, leaflet or poster

· Draw animals / create a model

· Find out about nutrition that animals and humans need

· Research the human skeleton - create a moving model using split pins

Home Learning Additional Tasks

Geography : Local environment, explore the area where you live / Bradford Google earth :

Create a fact file / information leaflet / poster / powerpoint about the city of Bradford / draw your house, street or local area / design and draw a new landmark for the city, make a model of your landmark / design a flag for the city of Bradford

Maths – continue to singalong to the times tables songs on the youtube “Laugh Along and learn” channel : Don't forget there is a daily maths lesson at 10am using this link - 

Design your own times tables board game, include division facts too. Play some online times tables games :

PE - complete a daily workout with Joe Wickes - 

Spanish – learn some animal names : (wild animals) (farm / pets)

Music – have fun learning some new songs, some have links to history: KS2 : KS1:

Thank you, take care and stay well, Miss O’Brien.